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Computer Screen - The CodeTony is excited to welcome the world to TonyBerenyi.com and proud to be launching his latest book The Code – a leadership driven blueprint to success.

The Code is available in both hardcover and eBook formats, which can be purchased directly from this website.


This website is where Tony will be assembling his knowledge, experience and wisdom on the subject of “leadership.” Be sure to follow all of Tony’s news by staying up-to-date via email—just enter your email in the right hand column of this page.

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“No one builds a multi-million dollar global enterprise from scratch without tremendous leadership skills. Tony Berenyi is a self-taught astute leader who purposefully and continuously hones his leadership skills. His rigorous discipline, application and study of success principles extend beyond and encompass a wide array of life lessons stemming from immense background diversity. From his toils in the US Army to negotiating highly complex infrastructure deals around the globe, Tony has created an easily digestible leadership guide for those who want to achieve what most deem unobtainable. His down-to-earth style and straight-forward advice has benefited me in my leadership capacity and continues to serve as my “go-to” when I face directional dilemmas.”

Jeffrey McWhorter

President & CEO Palmetto Railways

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