Secrets for Savvy Business Owners

Secrets for Savvy Business Owners - coverTony Berenyi is a two-time author and his first book, from almost 10 years ago, provided valuable insight and tips for business owners. As a life-long student of “leadership,” Tony is on a mission to share his wisdom to help those who are just like him—an entrepreneur looking to increase income, reduce stress and create value for others.

Tony attended The Citadel and MIT before serving as a company commander in the Gulf War. His Architectural and Engineering brainchild, Berenyi Incorporated, has steadily grown over the years and remains personally involved in entrepreneurial activities all over South Carolina. It is through this experience and his deep appreciation for leadership, that he has focused his efforts on helping others.

It is the common dilemma for business owners—how to have success and also have a “life.” These business owners often face:

  • Long, grueling hours at the office
  • Employees that do not perform as expected
  • Being the last one to get paid
  • Being the front-line defense for business challenges

Tony Berenyi believes that the true secret to success lies in the new approach; that of true leadership, which embraces:

  • Gone are the days of “I’m the boss”
  • Elimination of the mentality that “the customer is always right”
  • Practical and dynamic methods for increasing profits and decreasing workplace stress
  • Principles from an array of founding-fathers of common sense and twenty-first century savvy

There are solutions, there are ways for an entrepreneur to accomplish their dreams and goals—it all starts with leadership! Stay tuned for much more on exactly how to make this happen…

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