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Tony is excited to welcome the world to and proud to be launching his latest book The Code – a leadership driven blueprint to success.
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The Code – eBook
The Code is also available in eBook format! You can download your ePUB file right from here:  ePUB You can also get The Code in Kindle format and all other popular eBook formats! You can also check your eReader’s appropriate download store/site too.
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Tony’s New FaceBook Page – BerenyiLeadership
Tony is excited to announce the release of his new FaceBook page, which will feature his content from this website and engage his large following on this social platform. Please be sure to visit and LIKE his Facebook page at:  
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Secrets for Savvy Business Owners
Tony Berenyi is a two-time author and his first book, from almost 10 years ago, provided valuable insight and tips for business owners.
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